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Haul: Makeup Brushes for Less than $10 [Photos & Comparisons]

Buzzbeauty reblogged this from the make-up blogette and added:
A nice article about affordable makeup brushes

Today, Jerlaine and I popped by the Smoochiezz sale at Jurong Point.  It was a hot humid afternoon, both of us were sweating profusely, and we were there and done in less than 5 minutes.  Still, we managed to pick up a bunch of great items!  I shall showcase only the makeup brushes in this entry, and feature another item I bought in a separate entry later tonight.

I love makeup brushes, and I have way too much of them for a non-makeup artist.  The good thing about having this excessive number of brushes is that you have an endless supply to rotate and use in between washes.  Some brushes I would use more than others, hence that explains the need to own multiple brushes of the same type.  In particular, I love dense fluffy brushes, such as the MAC 217, MAC 224 etc...

I am also currently loving one of the Coastal Scents brushes which I purchases several months ago... so when I learned that the smoochiezz sale carries the CS brushes, I was all, 'let's go check out!'  ----- but don't ask  me why I ended up with this whole bunch of other brushes too!

They are all between $6 - $ 8 each.. which is just amazing value.  The quality of these brushes are on par with my MAC brushes, and if you wash and take care of them properly, they last you a long time.  The ELF brush is only $3 it's a dense little paddle brush (like the MAC224?).

I don't think I would purchase any makeup from smoochiezz... but some of the nail polish and the makeup brushes are definitely worth buying.  I spotted some 'MAC 217 and 239' brushes there too, going for $30 each... not sure if they are authentic, so I didn't want to spend my money on those.

Anyway, some photos of the brushes, and comparisons to similar brushes in my stash:

I also bought more Brush Guards since I always seem to lose my smaller guards... so I bought a bunch of the skinny eyeshadow ones.

Just to show you that the original CS brush I purchased several months back still looks good as new, even though I used it quite often, and had washed it many times.

Ok,  these are just some of the same type of brushes which I am showing...I tried to pick those that look the most similar.

I like cheap good brushes, and I do occasionally splurge on the high end brushes too.

If I have to choose only eyeshadow brush to use, I would pick the MAC 217...and I have a bunch of these in my stash to rotate for different eyeshadows.  They can be used to apply any type of eyeshadow.  So I picked up two 'dupes' in the CS brand for $8 each.

I like to use these large dense and soft fluffy brushes when I just a light wash of skintone eyeshadow color all over my lids.  I love how these big eye brushes feel.   The 'no name' one is the one I bought today... it is slighty flatter than the others... but the hairs are super soft! ($6 only!)


What I don't like is how the price tags are stuck around the handles... not fun have to peel them all off later...


I hope this has been helpful if you are looking for affordable and great quality brushes.  :)



Thanks for looking!



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Why You'll Want to Get this Celebrity's Impeccable Look

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I love this post!!

Is Kirsten Dunst a fashion icon? I'm not so sure she'd be the first person to come to mind on that list, but my style-radar went crazy when I saw this completely wonderful look. Why? Oh do let me inform you! It's poised. It's lady-like. It's bright and cheery. And it's so perfect for a holiday party--especially if you're one of those beauties who doesn't mind shining in the crowd!

You heard me say it before, but celebrity fashion isn't normally buzzworthy in my opinion. I prefer the likes of fashion bloggers and magazine editors. Nonetheless, when a celebrity truly does stand out in a fabulous ensemble, I will certainly do my best to bring you the look for less!

So, lets get down to it, shall we? Click on the images below.

<iframe width="550" height="244" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" src="http://widget.shopstyle.com/widget?pid=uid3796-748714-92&look=4149790&width=4&height=1&layouttype=0&border=0&footer=0"></iframe>
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